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Who needs Artist Statement?

Way too much text is produced in art. Most of it is just for sake of habit with no use for anyone. I won't tell stories about my childhood or invent "turning" experiences. Bureaucracy of art should be overthrown and so should be the elitism and protectionism. But it shouldn't be replaced with 'art capitalism' or free markets.

What is art?

For many (artists) art is just self therapy. It's okay. But good art is about finding new ways to think and new ways to be. New ideas, new lives, new worlds. New artistic information can be in form of text, picture, sculpture or idea. Art can exist even in where no one ever put it there. Not everything in gallery is art. Not all paintings are art. But scrap of paper on street can be art. Even if it is candy paper thrown by kid.

Radical? Not really. Art is comparable to science or philosophy. They both produce new culture. It can be tactile, touchable, smelly, visual or bland. Definately not just (con)text. Art is about facing and producing unknown and unseen, about creating emotionally or intellectually meaningful things and non-things. To find it you need sensitive humans... or animals.

Why art?

We are first of all cultural and social animals. We need culture to communicate our social intentions, which keep us alive. We need art.

Secondly, I personally see creating art more important than inventing products to be assembled, consumed and thrown away. This vicious loop of wasting our precious earth resources for short term, even quartal, gains is the path to ends of our lives on this planet. Never have we produced so much waste or hazardous materials, and never have we wanted to produce so much more of it. We need to live so, that it is in accordance with nature, other people and indigenous cultures. We need to hurry less and start being more meaningful, but not more spiritual.
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