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Activist Statement

I base my views on democracy. Therefore I believe everyone has the right to contribute and participate our common society. Everyone has the right to be what ever or whoever they are, and the right to make mistakes. Nothing should ever be considered irreversible. Everyone has the right to express their opinions, no matter how wrong they might be.

I believe every human and animal are equal. I am vegetarian. I think we should treat animals as companions, not as commodities or products. I see violence unnecessary and selfish, as it is mostly used to gain better position for self. I believe we should stop doing that, also on the institutional level.

I believe we need a radical change to our way of living, both in the western world and the developing countries. We need to stop consuming and start caring for others and nature. We need radical ecological changes, right now. New world should base on equal treatment of everyone, universal health care, free education and peaceful living with nature. Indigenous cultures and rare languages must be protected.

For better world.

What I see important, amongst other:
+ Animal Rights
+ Human Rights (humans are animals, too)
+ Radical Ecological Improvements
+ Equality & Equity
+ Culture
+ Preservation of indigenous cultures
+ Cultural plurality
+ Universal health care and free education
More on me
Activist CV
Society critical art
Future scenarios
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