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1. Today's path?

In the near future, the artists feel they are employees just like anyone else. The art will be turned into a product and the campaigns are prepared at the advertising agencies. The artists' monetary support system will first give bonuses to best performers, then it is shut down.

The poor customer service of the artists, too few market analysis information and unwillingness to do trendy pictures weakens the artists market share. The artists of the future start to do trend entertainment and after losing the edge and originality, arts have no possibility to compete against the mega corporations. Free art and artists becomes just a curiosity of the history, while the poor performing innovation machine art is replaced with big media corporations better entertainment.

2. Technology cures it all

The pirate movement manages to break down the patent and copyright system. The science progresses with giant leaps after this. IBM lab's built giant brain computer creates new versions out of itself until it replaces every worker and even the CEO of the company. In the year 2040 the computer grants everyone immortality and in year 2050 anything one can imagine becomes true.

Meanwhile NEM-movement (forget work, take it easy) receives millions of supporters. When everything is possible, all possibilities of the imagination are reached soon. The religious NEM-philosophy returns to 20th century arts to learn from it's odd thoughts. Even arts, which exists no more, confuses many inhabitants of the perfect worlds, it also provides escape place for many who hate perfect world.

3. Hacker art

In the near future one has to pay royalty fees when one does art for hobby. The RIAA police patrols the neighborhoods and street artists are being chased after by the terrorism unit of police. Only legal music is the newest pop hits provided by media companies. However, the easy life makes many happy. One can easily get rid of old drunkards with vanilla scented Troubles Away spray, and the poor entertain the middle class at violencedromes and intimate services.

The artists of the future ally with the animal rights activists and every visual surface reached by the activist cells become an ideological battle field. Every square inch of the world is under surveillance of the police, but the privatized police has not enough resources to combat the activists.

4. Low carbon society

The local companies and services eat the markets from the giant multinational corporations. In the near future while money matters not, the values and hope matters even more. The political failures to stop climate change in the beginning of the 21st century collapse the ecological balance. Hundreds of millions of Africans and South-Americans move in to the nordic countries. But with help of arts the new society is born without conflicts and racism.

In the carbon neutral society of the year 2050, no one would ever have the thought to fill their life's emptiness at shopping mall. The artists solve the largest questions of the world peacefully: world hunger, climate change and lovers broken hearts.

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